Best Tiles to Install in Your Home

Do you need tiles in your home?

When building or renovating your home, one important factor you should consider is the type of floor you want. The type of floor used is crucial, from the kitchen to the bathroom and other functional rooms in the home. Amongst the numerous flooring options, tile floors are considered the best. This is due to the countless benefits and advantages that are associated with them. 

Tile floors are the commonest and most popular type of floor in modern homes. Apart from their durability and strength, tiles give a tasteful and colorful finish to your home. They are slip-resistant and water-resistant. These benefits make tile floors the most suitable option for your home

What Type of Tiles Is Most Suitable For Your Home?

The answer to this question is simple. Tiles come in various designs, colors, textures, and sizes. These styles and colors make them the most suitable type of floor needed to give your home the desired beauty and comfort. 

When considering the type of tiles to install in your home, there is a wide range of options to choose from. Your choice largely depends on some factors such as size, durability, strength, and versatility. All tiles are not made equal, and their suitability varies from room to room. For instance, the tile type in the kitchen might not be suitable for the sitting room. Rooms and places such as bathrooms, dining rooms, hallways, entryways, and laundry rooms require different floors. 

Below are some of the types of floors you can install in your home.

Ceramic tiles: these types of floors are made from quarried clay. They are often prepared and molded. They are made available in a polished or glazed form and unglazed or unpolished form. Ceramic tiles are relatively cheaper than other types of tiles. As a homeowner,  ceramic tiles give you a cheaper option to tile your home. Unlike other types of tiles, you can easily cut and install them by yourself.

Porcelain tiles: compared with ceramic tiles, these types of tiles are less porous and heavier. They have a minimal or small amount of impurities. They have a high density. This high density makes them stronger and highly water-resistant. They are mostly suitable for heavy traffic places due to their durability. 

These types of tiles can resist stains, scratches, and heavy feet. However, they can chip or crack if a heavy object falls on them. Porcelain tiles are most suitable for the kitchen and bathroom due to their ability to resist water and other liquids.

Concrete or cement tiles: these tiles are produced from cement. They are the best choice for exterior walls and floors. They are also suitable for driveways as a result of their strength and high durability. These tiles have reduced or less friction even if wet because of their rough finishing.

Faux wood tiles: these are the newest type of tiles. They give your home the natural beauty of the wood. Like porcelain and ceramic tiles, faux wood tiles are durable, water and stain-resistant, and easy to maintain. These tiles also can resist a termite attack.

Mosaic tiles: These tiles are made from varieties of materials such as porcelain, natural stones, ceramic materials, or glass materials. They are made available in glazed or unglazed forms. They are tiny sized and are the best choice for the bathroom and kitchen.

Terracotta tiles: terracotta tiles are made from natural clay. They can resist water and are durable. They are installed both on the wall and floor. Terracotta tiles are glazed and polished to improve durability and color variation.


Tiles in your homes are one of the best decisions you can take to uplift your home. Whatever may be your choice, you have already seen it above. The decision is now with you to make.  For more information on concrete tiles contact