Best Tiles To Complement Your Concrete Patio

Complementing Your Concrete Patio

Whether indoor or outdoor, laying tiles in addition to a concrete patio is an easy and inexpensive way to give your living space a unique and exquisite look. The right tile compliments on your concrete patio can transform your space, making it more elegant and warming. 

But then, the problem is how do you get these best tiles? Do you even know them? The succeeding paragraphs will give you an insight into the best tiles to complement your concrete patio. 

Best Tiles To Complement Your Concrete Patio

Natural Stone Tile: Though pricey, natural stone tiles are a strong and excellent complement to your concrete patio. This tile’s natural and authentic look means you do not have to worry about colour mismatches regardless of the colour of your concrete patio. 

Slate Tile: With its excellent composition and water-resistant features, slate tiles are a durable and strong option to complement your concrete patio. This feature makes it able to withstand the elements and outdoor use effectively. 

Its natural surface texture and slip-resistant nature make it particularly suited for outdoor use. It is a cheap perfect blend of natural aesthetic and durability. 

Porcelain Tile: If excellent quality and strength are the only criteria, then porcelain tiles are all you need. A bit pricey, porcelain tiles are strong, dense and water-resistant, making them especially suited for outdoor purposes and a great complement for your concrete patio. However, particular attention should be paid to make sure it is textured to prevent slip when wet. 

Ceramic Tiles: Ceramic tiles are an inexpensive, simple fit for your concrete patio. They are cheaper than porcelain tiles. They usually come in subtle grey shades that could accentuate the beauty of your concrete patio. They are, however, best used in areas not prone to the extremities of the weather. Not all ceramic tiles are built the same, so special attention should be paid to your pick’s durability. Where you are not looking to break the bank, ceramic tiles are your best bet. 

Concrete Tiles: Concrete tiles are best known for their durability and strength. They can withstand harsh weather conditions.  They also provide a cheap way to complement your concrete patio without having to source external materials. With concrete tiles having neutral colours, you also do not have to worry about contrasting tiles and patio colours. However, they require resealing after a few years. 


Undoubtedly, a lot of effort goes into aesthetics when determining tiles to complement a concrete patio. However, you should also pay cognizance to factors such as; the weather, budget, the color of your concrete patio, and several other factors mentioned above. Without a doubt, you should consider one of the tiles listed above when choosing the best fit for your concrete patio.